FG Technical specializes in working with government entities and industry leaders across Asia and Africa. We specialize in services to support the mobility of Aid Workers and Government Peacekeeping and Expeditionary forces in challenging environments.

Applying our skills developed in support of crucial operations, we execute scalable program support operations, employing small, agile, multifunctional teams with a variety of skillsets to meet our clients’ most challenging needs. As required, we provide readily vetted, relevant, language proficient and culturally matched expertise across a variety of focused services.

FG Technical’s overall organizational structure follows our model of efficient and scalable management. We strive to eliminate bureaucracy and delegate decision making to the most effective level. This provides flexibility and responsiveness to rapidly respond to our customers’ operational needs.

01. Industry

FG Technical is a leading provider of industrial plant maintenance services, supporting our clients in the Power Generation, Aluminum, Steel, Mining, Waste Water Plants and other heavy industries, FG Technical craftspeople and technicians are highly trained to perform the work your facility requires when you need it. Our reputation for responding to emergency shutdowns, unplanned maintenance actives and breakdown maintenance is known throughout the industry, we’re on call 24 hours a day, every day.

Providing multi-trade craftspeople along with highly skilled specialist technicians allows us to provide the right manpower for all your maintenance needs. Our turnkey approach to our services can minimize costs and downtime, while providing peak performance from your equipment and your plant.

02. Humanitarian

FG Technical has learned through experience that change is rarely predictable, as even the smallest changes in technology, demographics, regulations, economics, or myriad factors can present logistical challenges in any part of the world, at any moment. Equally, natural disasters and geopolitical unrest can quickly transform social or political stability, requiring a rapid response to deliver critical lifesaving supplies, or to restore and maintain order.

With many years’ experience managing sizeable supply chains across the region, FG Technical has developed the requisite competencies to effectively serve those involved in bringing essential aid in situations where vital humanitarian intervention is needed.

FG Technical has established inventory management systems for several NGOs at strategically located storage facilities in Dubai, facilitating rapid deployment and on-time delivery in support of personnel on the ground.