FG Technical serves the needs of our International clients through an impressive global network of strategically located facilities supporting projects in over 20 countries. We go where our clients go, providing support close to your mission critical operations and infrastructure.

FG Technical draws on years of extensive experience solving logistical challenges in difficult environments. We’ve mastered import and export regulations in countless countries. We’ve carved out routes through even the most hostile territories. And we’ve built a network of third-party suppliers we know and trust because we’ve worked with them for many years on numerous difficult assignments.

So, if you need to get something from one location to another quickly, safely, compliantly and securely, call FG Technical. We will immediately go into action, contacting our colleagues, agents, and partners, and ensure that your material arrives when and where you need it. We have absolute confidence in our ability to perform because this is what we do, and we take pride in doing it well.

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