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If you haven’t experienced this nightmare firsthand, you’ve heard about it. A complex part from an old machine breaks. The part hasn’t been manufactured in years. Creating a drawing and building a replacement part with testingcan take months with the risk of downtime.

With FgTech, aWin-Win scenario can be created for both manufacturers and individual businesses in many industries, from Power to Food to Industries, We Specialize in manufacturing obsolete parts to help Industries maintain stock of parts for old equipment, and to help minimize downtime.

Component Manufacturing

Our Component Manufacturing services give you great flexibility in your OEM manufacturing operation. We provide high-quality OEM metal fabrication and assembly you can use when you need large parts, subassemblies, machining, finishing and more.

You can place your orders with confidence that you’re working with an OEM metal fabricator with the knowledge and experience to do the job right. Our engineers and production technicians meet regularly to determine the optimal way to manufacture a component. It’s our culture to always look for better ways to produce a product.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering, also called back engineering, is the process by which a component or part is deconstructed to reveal its design, make and architecture so it can then be reproduced using normal fabrication methods.

Over the decades, manufacturers have produced millions of machine parts that sooner or later tend to break down. When the part malfunctions, you want to replace the component, not the whole device. Unfortunately, many older parts are no longer available. Reverse engineering makes replacing these parts possible.

Value Engineering

One of the ways we can assist you is with value engineering. What we mean by value engineering is that we recommend ideas from our years of experience that will reduce cost, streamline your product, and determine the most viable way to manufacture your product to meet the highest standards without sacrificing quality.

We strongly encourage engineering collaboration between our client’s engineers and our in-house engineering team. Any small saving which can be made in the manufacturing stages can equate to huge overall savings across a product lifecycle


Ourclients come to us in the prototyping stage of product development with the need of having parts made quickly for testing and fit up reasons. Whether the prototype parts are sheet metal fabricated or welded assemblies, we have the ability to produce trial parts quickly and accurately.

Additionally, these parts are generally made to a precision greater than production tolerances and quick assembly fixtures can be produced from customer CAD designs in parallel with part production, adding to the value of selecting FgTech Manufacturing as your industrial prototyping supplier.

FgTech offers arrays of products from simple, small parts to complex, heavy-duty parts. We will work with you to design products your industry requires.