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Metal fabrication plays an important role in numerous sectors, it is not just about producing complete assembly or complex products. It is a method of creating components to exact specification, using raw materials that have the desired qualities.

Our wide range of capabilities includes CAD Design, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Bending, Punching, Welding, Assembly and Coating services to provide our customers with products they can use with confidence.

FgTech has been offering solutions for customers across various industries since 2016. We aim to partner with you in tracking down the best technical solutions to meet your goals. Innovation and Reliability in our products and services help us create robust relationships with our customers and offer the best solutions. We own proficient technology, solid equipment and work with a skilled team required to ensure accuracy and longevity of each product we manufacture and find innovative solutions to save clients time and resources.

CAD Design

Our team of CAD Engineers enables us to design and manufacture parts easily and cost effectively using time-served experience and knowledge. FgTech brings over years of collective experience designing simple sheet metal parts to complex

laser cutting

We provide rapid precision laser cutting of metals from Aluminum, Mild and Stainless Steel. From prototype through production, our fully equipped and certified engineering and quality control department will ensure that the finished product will 100% comply with the specifications.


The conventional machining facilities and infrastructure enable FgTech to reverse engineer components from worn out samples to new ones. CNC machine shop carries out precision CNC machining to produce complex components with high accuracy and a short delivery time.


We utilize technologically advanced press brakes to provide high-quality metal bending and forming services, whether your project requires high-quality bending, forming, stamping, or another type of metal fabrication service, our experts providing custom metal fabrication deliver exact specifications.


One of the most mature technologies available in metal fabrication, punching is a low cost alternative to laser cutting. A straightforward process, but without controls for your processes there are several areas where it can go wrong, If your parts have any type of formed features, it’s the only way to go.


We provide MIG, TIG, and resistance spot welding services on a contract and project basis. Our certified welding professionals and engineers carefully analyze each situation to determine the optimal welding process for a given material composition, thickness, and production volume.

Assembly and Finishing

For the production of complex assemblies, we have a variety of joining techniques at our disposal, such as screwing, riveting, bending, embossing and gluing, as well as thermal processes such as soldering or welding. Fabricated metal products offer much versatility

Our Process

For Clients with Metal Fabrication budgets, you should expect a culture of Continuous Innovation from your strategic partner for an optimal customer experience. FgTech undertakes each of the following steps to ensure your goals are exceeded the first time, every time.

Engineering alignment

Prior to the awarding of a project, the sales, engineering, quality, and operational teams at FgTech work to analyze your designs, processes and quote to ensure complete manufacturability alignment, No Surprises.

Process review

The assignment of a project kicks off a review of demand forecasts, lead times, raw material availability, economic order and release quantities (EOQ), inventory and re-ordering needs and quality and delivery

Prototype production

FgTech team then conducts a final check of product requirements and finalizes the prototype production process. Production then begins, followed by inspections, customer approval, and the submittal of related paperwork or data that should be included with the shipment.

Release for production

Upon successful prototype completion and confirmation of Quality Approvals, the project is released for production. In-process inspections are conducted while production is refined to increase cost savings for the Client.

Review & Planning

Future demand, in the form of blanket POs, Master Agreements, Demand Forecasts, or other means, is measured and matched to upcoming production each month. Project performance is assessed, reported and communicated regularly, with in-person Client Visits scheduled on a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis

Our high-tech systems, supply chain, expertise, and dedication to quality and safety in all that we do makes us a superior provider of support in high-risk environments.