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Repairs & Overhaul

Pump Repair

For your pump service needs we offer complete installation, repair and rebuild. At the heart of FgTech’s extensive pump and equipment repair services are experienced, factory-trained professional mechanics. Together with full engineering support and a comprehensive quality control program, these skilled technicians will reduce your downtime and operating costs

FgTech maintains part inventory & repair equipment to efficiently diagnose, repair and test most major pumps. Our rebuild services span from basic preventive maintenance to complete rebuild & redesign of pump systems, with startup services. And with full machine, mechanical & electrical shops under one roof, our engineers & technicians can complete your repair & get your product back to you in the most efficient turnaround time.

Valve Overhaul

FgTech employs experienced valve service technicians that can diagnose and perform industrial valve repair of virtually all types and sizes including Gate, Globe, Check and Ball Valves. Our team performs many different types of valve modifications. We have CNC machine tools as well as numerous manual machines which allows us to rapidly machine valve trim components of any size, out of any material.

On the repair side, our highly skilled and trained valve technicians can perform minor control valve repairs from simple re-packs to major overhauls including complete rebuilds to the control valve body assembly, actuator, and instrumentation. FgTech also has experienced in-house machinists and certified welders to refurbish valve trim and make body casting repairs when necessary requirements.

Gearbox Service

Our team here at FgTech will use their expertise to help repair your industrial gearbox equipment to full power in no time. It starts with a thorough inspection and vibration analysis from one of our gearbox specialists who analyses the internal parts of the gearbox.

Our experienced staff has the expertise to repair and rebuild a variety of gearbox types including – Helical, Sour, Worm, Planetary, Spiral Bevel, Hypoid and Traction Drives.

With the support of our in-house gear cutting and industrial gearbox replacement machining, we can also offer a very fast turn around on jobs. With a team of experienced precision engineers and gearbox repairers, plus a well-equipped workshop,

FgTech offers arrays of products from simple, small parts to complex, heavy-duty parts. We will work with you to design products your industry requires.