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The aerospace industry relies on precise, well-executed metal fabrication to ensure the reliable performance and safety of its aircraft. Our aerospace sheet metal fabrication capabilities include in-house engineering, tooling, development and manufacturing that will deliver the high-quality parts and components you require for your Aircraft.


A lot of Plant equipment deals in metal, like operating tools and complex machinery. Metal tools and Components can be fabricated to very specific and precise dimensions and ordered in bulk, which means Plants won’t have a shortage of essential components. We offer the capabilities to create every type of components or spare using machined, saw-cut and laser cut parts.
Metal fabrication for food processing equipment poses several challenges that FgTech is well equipped to meet. Consider that every bracket and weld in everything from meat processing equipment and industrial ovens to food packaging assembly and conveyor belts must adhere strictly to FDA manufacturing guidelines and procedures

Food processing


The energy industry depends on metal fabrication for various applications. Oil and gas platforms as well as pipelines all need to be fabricated. Renewable energy sources such as wind turbines depend on metal fabrication as with so much at stake in the energy industry, we provide the alternative energy fabricating capabilities to help your operation reach its full potential.
Every Factory depends on metal fabrication for various equipment. Technicians need equipment that will run safely and efficiently under extreme conditions. For this reason, precise and effective fabrication is essential. Equipment such as Motors, Gearbox, and Plant Machinery all make use of Metal Component that can be fabricated.



What makes FgTech unique is how we transform customer feedback into cutting edge services, and highly efficient processes that save even more time and money.

We’re experts in precision sheet metal fabricated parts, components and fully assem led pieces.Wwe pride ourselves on being a very professional manufacturing workshop offering a single source solution.

Thanks to our highly skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment, FgTech serves a wide customer base including customers in the Steel, Power, Aluminum, Utilities, Ports, Aviation and Defense industries.

No matter the industry, FgTech will work with you to manufacture the goods your industry requires. From FgTech’s capabilities in the precision fabricating industry will serve your industry.

Our services


Metal fabrication plays an important role in numerous sectors, it is not just about producing complete assembly or complex products. It is a method of creating components to exact specification, using raw materials that have the desired qualities.

Our wide range of capabilities includes CAD Design, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Bending, Punching, Welding, Assembly and Coating services to provide our customers with products they can use with confidence.

CAD Design

Our team of CAD Engineers enables us to design and manufacture parts easily and cost effectively using time-served experience and knowledge. FgTech brings over years of collective experience designing simple sheet metal parts to complex.


We provide rapid precision laser cutting of metals from Aluminum, Mild and Stainless Steel. From prototype through production, our fully equipped and certified engineering and quality control department will ensure that the finished product will 100% comply with the specifications.


The conventional machining facilities and infrastructure enable FgTech to reverse engineer components from worn out samples to new ones. CNC machine shop carries out precision CNC machining to produce complex components with high accuracy and a short delivery time.


We utilize technologically advanced press brakes to provide high-quality metal bending and forming services, whether your project requires high-quality bending, forming, stamping, or another type of metal fabrication service, our experts providing custom metal fabrication deliver exact specifications.


One of the most mature technologies available in metal fabrication, punching is a low cost alternative to laser cutting. A straightforward process, but without controls for your processes there are several areas where it can go wrong, If your parts have any type of formed features, it’s the only way to go.


We provide MIG, TIG, and resistance spot welding services on a contract and project basis. Our certified welding professionals and engineers carefully analyze each situation to determine the optimal welding process for a given material composition, thickness, and production volume.

Assembly & Finishing

For the production of complex assemblies, we have a variety of joining techniques at our disposal, such as screwing, riveting, bending, embossing and gluing, as well as thermal processes such as soldering or welding. Fabricated metal products offer much versatility

Our high-tech systems, supply chain, expertise, and dedication to quality and safety in all that we do makes us a superior provider of support in high-risk environments.